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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Sole mates

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I love my Louboutin Simple 70 pumps in black patent.  Here they are, posing with Frangelico.

Muscular-shouldered Italiano love-stud sidling up to coquettish French style icon.  I’m doing my bit for harmony in Europe.  God knows they need it right now, with all that quibbling over who-owes-who-what, who-diddled-what-balance-of-payments-data, whose-bank-duped-whom etc etc (sheesh, sounds a little like life at Palazzo Trivialista when Triv and Signor Seriousimo grit their teeth for the Bi-Annual Come To Jesus Financial Summit).

I have loved these cloddies half to death;  thus they recently had to go into the Heavy Maintenance Hangar for a bit of TLC.  The noice lady there suggested some re-soling, which concerned me.  What would happen to the signature redness, the internationally-recognised signifier of sole style?  I fretted in vain (which, the older I get, seems to be the only way I fret).  I present to you…

…red replacement soles!  Evidently, a certain class of clodhopper maintenance hangar is willing to cater for those of us to whom the original shade of CL sole is important.  Love it.  Happy treads, happy Triv.

Loving self

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The La Triv Manifesto (a work in progress, it has to be said) states that this is not the blog for people looking for commentary on the big themes of the times. That’s why I’m posting about how much I’m loving myself sick over two recent purchases — my Scanlan & Theodore longline navy cardi with black trim, and my Bianca Spender splodgy print silk cami.

“Why’s that, Triv?” I hear the world (not) ask.

Because, my cami has traces of navy and black in it, and tones in perfectly with my cardi.  The happy happenstance of finding two items of clothing so in sync with one another, and which also subvert the old don’t-put-navy-and-black-together fash sacred cow, was as unlikely to happen as another Transit of Venus in my lifetime. Love it when a plan, or even a non-plan, comes together.

Frumptry Road

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La Triv Mothership happens to be hangared in a wide, brown land.  AKA Australia.  One of Australia’s flagship high street fash brands used to be Country Road.  Back in the day, a vast proportion of La Triv’s closet comprised items from CR.  Mind, this was in the era of shoulder pads under bra straps under tees, teamed with shiny white leather Reeboks *shudders*.  But, back then, for a certain type of would-be Antipodean preppie, CR was The Bomb.  That was then.  This is now:

What Were They Thinking does not even touch the sides.  How does something this hideous even find its way under the doozywotsits of a sewing machine in China, I ask you?


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Two words:  Jon Hamm.  This man is anything but trivial.  However, he’s officially part of the permanent collection in the  Trivialista Spunk Yurt (no need for snickering from UK friends — we all know spunk means Good Sort).  Some come in and out of the yurt — and some stay for good.  Here he is stylin’ it up in LA.

And here he is as our fave Mad Cad About Town, DD.

I feel slightly pervy posting this, and slightly disloyal to Signor Seriousimo (hubby), but what’s La girl to do, I ask you.  Seriousimo doesn’t believe in blogs anyhow, so I’m unlikely ever to be busted.