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Short shrift

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La Triv has rarely been anything other than gainfully employed. This is a source of some regret, rather than a gloat. Aside from taking time out to care for los loin fruits just after they entered the world, squinting at the light like small nocturnal marsupials rudely ripped from their cosy logs, los days post formal education have largely been spent weaving a Triv-sized seam in the rich fabric of corporate life.

Of course, in challenging economic times such as these, a job – and a functioning career – are ruddy handy things to have.

But looking back from the purview of someone now over 40 35, a tad more aimless backpacking, base jumping and reckless love affairs with Croatian motor boat captains wouldn’t have gone astray. But that’s a topic for another time, another post…


In many years at various Wordporia, shimmying between the pods, carels and hot desks, surfing los lifts, clocking in and out and generally nibbling from the corporate trough, La’ve witnessed my fair share of lady officewear trends come and go.

Which is why I am well qualified to say, WTF is with the corporate short?


shorts 1

shorts 2

Every now and then our ladymags trumpet “New Looks for the Nine to Five!” and “Refresh Your Workwear!” — then serve us up page after page of knee-baring shorts paired with tailored jackets. And sometimes, they are even leather. And laser-etched. And apparently us working girls are supposed to sport them within conditioned high-rise air thick with the aroma of testosterone, while maintaining our dignity.

I know women are supposed to be multi-taskers extraordinaires, but this is just a Daisy Duke too far.

No man or woman with whom I work deserves to be exposed to the magnificent spectre of los knees, joints which proudly wear their surgical scars, thanks to the famous Cafe Neon/Whitney Houston dancing debacle of 1990, and excess pillows of flesh due to post-injury atrophication. (That’s my excuse for chubby knees, and I’m sticking with it.)

But wouldn’t it be fun to see the male primates of our corporate jungles swinging from los fluoro lights in these?

shorts 3

It’s a step up from the ‘walk short’ look one might have found Il Pappa Trivialista sporting circa 1978. Or is it?

shorts 4

Please note, this is not Il Pappa Trivialista. He would never have opted for such an inappropriate and gut-emphasising tie length.

I don’t have a crystal ball here beneath los dusty rafters of Palazzo Trivialista, but let’s put it out there anyhow: despite the best efforts of idea-starved fash mag eds, the corporate short will not become a common sight in my working lifetime.

And that’s the leather-trimmed, laser-etched truth of it.

Boys, Bands, Berta, Buns

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The Male Junior Cost Centre (JCC) has taken to taekwondo with gusto. But sometimes all that containment, stillness, discipline and paying of undivided attention gets a bit much.


Maybe he’s despairing about this lonely little fellow, installed on a prominent corner of the downtown portion of the Harbour City.

little guy statue

Srsly, he simultaneously freaks La out and tugs at los heartstrings. Can you imagine what he does to the bemused German touristas?

20121204-075904.jpgSignor Seriousimo and I took ourselves off for a Saturday luncheon recently, and passed these young things getting their groove on opposite Rake’s flat in the Cross of Kings. Maybe Seriousimo is beginning to believe in blogs, as he prompted me to snap the scene for

I get la sense he may be mustering his mojo for a guest post. So prepare yourselves for a riveting dispatch on recent twists and turns in the Personal Properties Securities Act, new standards governing the professional short-term Euro debt market and los ins and outs of structuring and executing leveraged debt financings. Srsly, can’t wait.

La eating has continued unabated.  This is happy news for the tastebuds, grievous news for the waistline.




20121204-081243.jpgThis was la dinner last night — fracking delicious. Was there ever a happier happenstance than fresh asparagus in close proximity to eggs, nuzzling up to some form of cured pork product and Parmigiano Reggiano? (Gods bless that Reggie.)

Has “Dumb Ways to Die” been on high rotation in your house too?

Here’s the Female JCC’s take-out.


Along with la constant desire to Funk Up the Whole Triv Spectacular, there’s an equally pressing desire to avoid Frocking Mutton Up As Lamb. Hoping this morning’s high bun achieves some of the former, and none of the latter.

20121204-084002.jpgIf only it were socially acceptable for mid-ranking office Johnnies such as La to keep los sunnies in situ sur la nez all day, indoors too, to hide los crows feet and bloodshot peepers. That ‘Ah-na’ Wintour is lucky for oh-so-many reasons.

Enjoyez your Day of Tues x