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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Peak Triv 

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La reported for Corporate Handbag duties Friday night, here in Hongky. 

La’m a wee bit embarrassed to say it’s la first time here. IKR, how has that happened? Wah!

This is the International Conversation Centre, where Seriousimo and 700 of his best new lawyer buddies chatted about legal blah blah contract nonsense torts and juris guffguff for many days. Fun, right? Hope they have a good hot air recycling system in that building. 

Aside from two new pairs of Céline specs (love that Céline), I Did Not Shop. I wandered through these Elysian Fields, marveled at the old/new, west/east juxtas for which Hongky is famous, and had a killer pedicure. 

My feet are so disgusting (corns! Bunions! Dermatitis! A second toe twice as long as the first!) that if I put a photo of them here pre-treatment you’d need a trigger warning. I gave the lovely lady a MASSIVE tip as compensation for having to fondle my clodhoppers. 

My cab driver thought I was deranged when I asked him to stop so I could take a photo of bamboo scaff. BAMBOO SCAFF!!!

And these stairs were so vertiginous I almost stooped to drinking the sweat of Wise Old Pocari, but I resisted. 

Instead I squeezed in a Flirtini at the Mandarin Oriental and could have squeezed in five more except I had to get changed for the Big Lawyer Shindig. 

Got changed and met @the___nomads at Sevva for a pre-party drink – what a spot!

At this point the girl and bloke in the foreground hadn’t yet chatted (you can see she’s reading a book). By the time me and old Nomads left they had discovered they were both French, from Avignon, freshly minted HK residents and shared a love of rosé. Two observations: don’t think that book saw any more action last night, and yes I am a stickybeaking eavesdropper, verging on stalkerish.

Dress code was Chinese Chic (!!!). I kaftaned, but Seriousimo went all out to impress his new legal overlords, and was pleased as lunch with himself in his Shanghai Tang jacket. 

La was horrified by the cultural appropriation, lairy lining and navel-grazing length (did Shanghai Tang run out of fabric?) and considered finding myself another date, such as Philippo, the South American partner who joined us for dinner Friday night. 

He had weeny little pelicans embroidered on his smartly-cut shirt. PELICANS! *swoon*. And an accent. 

Love Hongky, but wonder whether the conflab will be in Buenos Aires next year?