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Blogs are dead so this is retro

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In lockdown? Having fun yet? Jesus, this is so fckng tedious I might go and expose myself to an airborne particle at a south-western Sydney Bunnings just to see what happens. You know, shake things up.

Palazzo Trivialista resembles a war zone. Hacked-at melon carcasses bleed on benchtops, collateral damage in a series of battles between sugar-crazed, screen-mad, incarcerated teenage loin fruits. Rosy fruit is dismissed as “mank” by a sneering 13-year-old. “WHERE’S ALL THE FOOD?” he bellows. In the fckng shop: walk there, you puberty-ravaged streak of anger. Off ya go.


Meanwhile. La goes out to hunt for sushi and melons shod like this and has to dig very, very deep to actually give anything vaguely resembling even the merest of shits. Zooming would reveal scaly croc legs and hairs that have stopped growing, one happy by-product of The (Meno)Paws.

Yes that is a bag of dog faeces

Other hunting and gathering missions include those for sticks to kindle the flames of the palazzo’s 73 fireplaces. Well, three. Gets me out of the house — and, look, they work!

It’s a sticky business, and but it’s necessary in order to burn our way through…

8 bloody trillion logs

…this, eight bloody trillion logs, every single one of which is actually too big for the fireplaces. A lesson for the Zooming maths kiddies: learn your cubic measures! Triv didn’t, and when the man from Dural said, “Two square metres darl?”, I said “Sure!”, crossing digits it would be enough to get us through the brutal locked-down winter. Holy smokers, there’s so much of it I won’t ever see the front of my house again.

What’s also passing the time is the usual raging against predictive text on the iPhone, like a bonkers old lady losing it. (Next will be wailing about how hard things are to open. Bloody packaging!)

Memo to Apple dudes: pull up ya dacks, put down ya cold drip filter java, then twiddle the knobs so “female” doesn’t come out as “Denzil”, “what” never appears as “Etsy” and “with” is never again “Ruth”. And frankly just delete “duck” altogether, except for users in France. It’s never what we mean.

Creepy Oedipal double-act

Any opportunity to escape reality is welcomed. Have formed an unhealthy obsession with googling pictures of Liz and Damian Hurley. How creepy is this resemblance?!? Even the brows match.

Wee Tom

What a sanity saver the Lympics have been. From Arnie to Emma, to Rohan Browning to The Bolinator, to Logan the Bogan to Roy and HG hating on the Socceroos and Team GB, it’s been like blue sky viewed from the bottom of a boggy well. What about darling little Tom Daley knitting poolside while his cute little biceps were Glad Wrapped? Bless. Might need to copy this Olympian tactic to trim the bingo wings for public consumption if this farkin lockdown ever ends.

Speaking of bingo wings, two jabs are in them and that’s a good feeling, non?

Alter candle ego

While Triv’s normally hostile to bandwagon jumpers and pale imitators, la reaction to this was largely benign, even favourable. It’s Trav, Triv’s alter ego who can actually leave the house, the city, the state, the country, and live a rich life in places other than the Glebe Theatre of Watermelon War.

Trav says, weary pilgrims: burn bright! Kindle the dream and keep the flame alive! One day you too shall be free to glow outside the walls of your home!

In the meantime, there’s eight trillion logs to keep you warm.


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  1. Loving this little slice of Glebe life! Feeling your pain re pack of ungrateful loin fruits. But the crafty, cling-wrapped diver was a highlight of my week, too. Hang in there, little lady – and write more blog posts! xx

  2. Joanne Hawkins

    Oh Triv, you’re such a delicious writer. This made me laugh so much. But holy eyeballs, did you have to share your Liz/Damian Hurley obsession? I will never get that image out of my head! And Damian….that’s not a coincidence.

  3. Louise Mckeering

    I hadn’t realised how much I missed your blogs Sam, until just now. Thank you for the clever entertainment. Cheers Louise

  4. Bloody love it! That and my oversized body in my undersized active wear day in day out! I must team them with your v attractive footwear suggestion!!! Glad I don’t have teenage loin fruits but lockdown at my place with the cat and the dog resembles a cartoon episode of Tom and Jerry! X

  5. Been a long time! Loved it….. xxxxWendy


  6. Sarita Russell

    You have given me a few minutes of pure pleasure with your retro blog!! Thank you …..


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