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Bijoux bowerbird regent

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Srsly, Signor Seriousimo had better start believing in blogs, and hopefully reading this one soon, so this puppy has a sporting chance of arriving in La Stocking Trivialista around Christmas time.

It’s by Bijoux Heart.  Navy?  Tick.  Long pendant?  Tick.  Overall sparkly?  Tick.  Would a bowerbird love it?  Tick.

Speaking of the bowerbird, look how handsome he is.  As with most men, he looks best in navy.

La Triv makes no apologies for moving in strange tangential directions on this blog.  So…are you ready?  SCREEEEECH — turn coming!  BRACE!

It’s an oft-forgotten fact that HRH The Prince of Wales wore a navy suit, rather than the more traditional black, to Princess Diana’s funeral because she had always said she liked him best in blue because it brought out the colour of his eyes.

La Triv met HRH several times through one of her past Wordporium jobs, and I can absolutely vouch for the fact that he does have the most insanely cornflower blue peepers.  And big farmer sausage fingers that have evidently cut and laid many country fences.

Opinions on him are divided, but there’s no doubting he’s always been a man ahead of his time.  Global warming?  Tick.  Businesses having a sense of social responsibility?  Tick.  Importance of plants and chatting to them?  Tick.  Understanding of other religions, particularly Islam?  Tick.  He was riding these bandwagons, flogging these horses long before any of us was ready to listen.

I know he was mean to Diana, and he should have married Camilla in the first place, but when he went away for a long trip, doing his duty for the country, Camilla went off and married Andrew P-B.

Anyhow — all now seem happy and we’re more aware of the big issues.  It would be perfect if Diana was still with us, fighting it out in the glamour stakes and column inches with her new daughter-in-law.

And Charles was in the Navy.  Say no more on the man.  You know where I stand.

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  1. Lots of ticking going on there! I like Charles because he talks to his pot plants.


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