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La Triv loves a digi print.  And a snow-capped mountain.  And is kicking herself she didn’t buy this when, a couple of months ago, Net-a-Porter frottaged up alongside and whispered, “puuuurrrrrrrr-chase…”

Shorts are a great non-non in La Closetta Trivialista.   But, if La could turn back time to around 1988 and recapture the glory days of her knees, these puppies would be whipped waist-ward in double-quick time.

This is the Parisian mothership for both of these lovelies.  I was too scared to go in — Carven clothes are famously TINY.

I know it’s all a bit last season, but La loved that Bally campaign featuring the oh-so-fecund-I’m-the-world’s-best-breastfeeder, MK.

One of La Famiglia Trivialista-Seriousimo’s favourite places to holiday is Zermatt, Switzerland:  mountainous snow-capped vistas as far as the eye can see.  If you’ve not been there and would like to familiarise yourself, grab a Toblerone packet (any excuse) as the Matterhorn, the grand diva of the Zermie montanas, serves as Mt Tobler on that triangular box we love so dearly.

This is Bally on Rodeo Drive.

Signor Seriousimo and I popped in there last year during a little trip Stateside.  Take it from me, the salespeople in those places know their onions.  They cottaged and frottaged up to us like nobody’s business.  They proffered a man’s shirt for Seriousimo’s consideration, going on and on about their amazing new designers, and how their design aesthetic is “classic with a twist” (how original).  The shirt was divine — crisp white cotton with camel leather placket, cuffs and collar.  It was $1800.  We exited politely.  Seriousimo summed it up when he said, “Did they honestly think I looked like a bloke who’d wear a shirt with leather bits?”

If you knew Seriousimo you too would understand how unlikely this equation would be:  Seriousimo + slightly gay Bally shirt = Really Happening.

On reflection, perhaps they didn’t know their onions quite so well.  Unlike me, who made French onion soup on the weekend, complete with gruyere croutons.

Wish I was in Zermatt.

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