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Smug is in the air

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Today, we have our first guest blogger!  She’s Smuggy McSmuggerson, from Smugsville, Smugstralia.  I’ll let her take it from here.

Actually, let’s not bother with masks and subterfuge.  It’s juste La (geddit? *sniggers in manner of Mutley*).  And why is La smug?  Because, today, I discovered Ojay.

Apparently, I discovered it after it had gone into administration, so let’s hope it stays around long enough for more of us to enjoy it.

L’awoke this morning…despondent. Careful thumbing of the contents of La Closetta Trivialista yielded sweet bugger all in terms of summer Wordporium workwear. After moaning to Seriousimo about the need to cut out our evening ritual of choc-bikkie gobbling, I determined to pop to los shoppes today and see what I could dig up — at minimal cost, this still being the Era of Frugality.

Headed into Veronika Maine, always a reliable hub for lady workwear.  Pfffft!  What a load of tired dross we found there.  (Note for newer readers: you can tell La’s feeling smug when she starts to employ the collective pronoun to refer only to Laself.)

Then, next door, something caught my peeper in the window of Ojay.  This was it.

So I wandered in.

I flicked and flacked as is my wont, enjoying the satisfying sound of coathanger hook on metal rack.  Mentally cottaging and frottaging this top with that skirt already resident in La Closetta, thumbing through the virtual sartorial Rolodex in my head to see what could marry up with what.  And it was rich pickings.

The clincher was the fact that everything, everything, was reduced by 40%.

So this was what I bought.

L’aforementioned frock.

This fab digi top.

This va-va-voom bombshell pencil skirt in super thick suckemin fabric that srsly makes me look like I have Marilyn Monroe’s arse.

And this amazing kimono-ish jacket scenario, which will see me through much word-generating during summer days at the Wordporium.

And do you know how much this haul set me back?  $360.  Would otherwise have been $600 (though those among you who’ve moved on from using your fingers and toes to add and subtract didn’t need me to tell you this).

Ojay’s website is full of absolutely stonking buys — and their winter stock is actually 50% off already heavily reduced prices. By way of example:

This fabbo silk shift will set you back — ooh — $39.95.

And this one will lighten your debit card by $49.50, as will this one.

And how cute is this skirt for 60 spondoolies?

So look for me swanning around the Harbour City in my new — cheap — purchases. I’ll be the one with the cat-that-ate-the-canary* grin. You know what they say:  there’s nowt as smug as folk.

*Anyone know how many calories are in a canary?

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  1. Lovely purchases!! Must have a look at the web site!!

  2. Do you think this would look OK on me or are maxis out of the question for those gifted with big hips? http:// http://www.ojay. spaced-feather-print-maxi/

  3. check your spam comments – I think one of mine went to spam 😦


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