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Very few among you would doubt that, when it comes to setting the tone for what’s new and spangling, La Triv is up there with the best.

Coolhunter has nothing on La. Photo agencies have a stack of images they just can’t sell of fash editors pulling faces, looking like they’re choking on something.  It’s my dust.

That’s why I barely raised a surgically tweezed brow when I spied piccies from Mimco’s latest campaign.

“So what?” you ask.  “Noodle-thin clotheshorse, killer clodhoppers, pool, SoCal vibe…what’s the big deal?”

Does this look familiar?

Yup, it’s La and SoCal resident Glammo Amo taking in some rays from beneath the cool of a beach brolly at the Parker Palm Spring around this time last year. La came back, made a few calls to those who’d give their eye fangs to be quite so in-the-know, and before you can say imitation is the sincerest form of blah blah, campaign after campaign is being shot poolside.

Courtesy Mimco’s Facebook page

Palm Springs is fabtabulous.  Formerly the out-of-town destination for Old Hollywood legends, nowadays home to the retired and the gay. Suffice to say, small canines abound, and the cocktails are amazing.

Brunny Browser, Glammo Amo and I were there for a joint watershed birthday ladytrip celebration. Man, we had fun. Some singing into hairbrushes and inappropriate discussions about past loves may or may not have featured.

Headless ladies on the tear — watch out, old people and gay men of Palm Springs

It’s very healthy and restorative to have ladytrips with besties.  If only it were possible way more often.

If you’re interested, here’s some more Mimco / Parker Palm Springs p**n.  FYI, Triv is not on the take from either of these business interests — remains incorruptible.  That is, until Miu Miu gets in touch.

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