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Lali luncheon

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La hates to be the bearer of bad news, but every now and then someone has to plate up the cold, soggy gruel of truth. So here it is…

I fear Liam’s had man work.

Feel sort of bad picking on him, considering the extremely sad circs under which he lost his lady love. But, why oh why, Neeso?!?

Onto other far more serious matters, today is a Ladylunch Day, which is the polar opposite of Dentist Day, or that old chestnut, Pap Smear Day.

My very good friend, Lali, is visiting the Harbour City from Los Brisbas en route to Bali. (How clever of her to holiday at a destination that rhymes with her name.) Otto beckons. That finger wharf is like a goddamn runway, and calls for top-shelf statement ladyshoes.  However, the heel must have some heft, so one avoids the old wedged-between-the-boards disaster scenario.

Ladyshoe, photographed against the glamora backdrop of the Wordporium

Lali and La Triv’s lunching history goes back almost as far as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with Miss A, of Heston’s Meat Fruits fame. Here are some headless visuals of many years of supping — and posing — with Lali.

This was a dinner, rather than a lunch, but near enough…

Joining us today will be the renowned Sarah Terrific-Home, fresh off a week of solo-parenting of four loin fruits. Intravenous champagne may be in order.

The last time the three of were together for a ladygathering was in New York City, March 2011.

Sarah Terrific-Home, Lali and La Triv at Gramercy Tavern, 2011. Happy, happy days…

This was around the time of La Triv’s watershed birthday, and los ladies showered La with a gorgeous Alexis Bittar bangle.  Here it is, at the far right, worn today with two subsequently-purchased friends. Seems appropriate to take Alexis to Otto, too.

Enjoy your Monday. x

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