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Long arm of the law

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Yep, La’ve been nabbed again. Am live-blogging here from beneath the dusty rafters of a jury assembly room at a prominent Harbour City palazzo of justice.

It seems that once the Sheriff of the great colony of New South Wales gets you in his cross-hairs, there’s no escaping until you’ve done your civic duty by locking los bastards up (of course, only the ones who look guilty).

We’re not without entertainment, though: Oprah’s chum Dr Oz is on the box extolling the benefits of different breeds of hand sanitiser and quizzing his audience on how to get a good night’s sleep. (My vote after six consecutive nights of shitty shut-eye? Have loin fruits who don’t wake you up.)

Like any would-be juror with some semblance of a life, La’s about to plead la case for getting off: primary care of two Junior Cost Centres two days a week til school resumes (that happy, much longed-for day when trumpets sound, angels sing and cherubs cloud hop. Anyone else looking forward to it?)

Oh my gods, Dr Oz is now talking about how to boost your sex drive! And am in a room with hundreds of complete strangers!!! What fresh hell is this, I ask you?!?

More later.


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  1. Lil' laaaaady

    Nuff about el bore-o jury dutes- spill your glamorous beans on the biffy boy 40th extravaganza….dinner at Aria? Buon Ricordo? Lucio’s? Platinum and diamond his ‘n’ hers eternity belly rings? Kanye performing at D’s small family gathering? I long for your updates!!


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