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Rainy days and Mondays

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Am still loving la Miu Miu necklace sick, especially with la new Tibi top. Don’t tell Seriousimo about the latter or it’ll be curtains for any more Miu Miu necklaces.


The weather in la Harbour City has once more turned toxic. This was my world view en route to the Wordporium as I awaited the arrival of my mass transit vehicle. Love that Marimekko brolly — echoes la beloved Dinosaur Designs.



Lunched yesterday with LaTanna, a stratospherically glamorous friend of mine. We ate near my beloved birdcages.



Remember los birdcages? They commemorate all the little birdies, such as the White-throated Treecreeper, that no longer flit about the bowels of the Harbour City because their trees have been replaced by skyscrapers to house Wordporia.


LaTanna is a major foodie — even her dog is named after one of the world’s leading chefs, who happens to be Japanese-Australian and one of her best chums. LaTanna’s funny, smart, mega well-connected and always has top-shelf goss.


Liked this lamp tableau; might track it down for an appropriate corner in Palazzo Trivialista. Though preferably not underneath a pigeon-poo splattered rafter.


Channeling a wilder, zanier, less permanently employed woman, La drank two items from this list. With lychees. At lunchtime. On a Wordporium day. What is the world coming to? I blame that blasted clock change and early-waking Junior Cost Centres.

Lately, have found Laself pondering the concept of regret. Must be something to do with notching up another year beyond 40 35. I know, it’s a decidedly untrivial, non-small stuff topic, and I know you all like to get what it says on the packet here beneath the virtual rafters. But don’t panic — the thing La’ll rue on la deathbed came to me in a flash.  And it’s summed up in one small, ramrod-straight word: posture.

Shoulders back people.


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  1. that necklace top combo is just divine.


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