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So aside from joining La in praising the Lord about furniture purchases, what’s been happening? Anyone? Anyone..?

OK, La’ll start.


Met Jesus. No, srlsy, this is Jesus the guinea pig from a local pre-school. My friend Helen was minding him for the weekend. He looked cute but La’ve a general aversion to fur, so left the fondling to others.


Played Boggle with the Junior Cost Centres. These words sound rude (go on, say them) but they aren’t.


Had my hairs coloured (and contemplated Botox — los lines!!!). Such hard, high-maintenance work, being an Aryan Triv.


Was happy with the results. And los new earlobe sparklepieces from J Crew.


Pinched this pic of fat galahs from somewhere on the interwebs and installed it on the Triv Mobile Media Control Console, aka iPhone. Giggled repeatedly.


Spotted these fleurs in the hood. Tried to remember their name – was it really “wee flowers”, or is that just what La and bro no 1, Sport Billy Super Dad, used to call them? (Can’t possibly imagine how we alighted on that name *coughs*)


Read this quote from Michelle Bridges in Who Weekly. Face involuntarily squished into some sort of “WTF?!?!?!” expression. Then remembered the horrid noggin lines from the hairdresser’s and restored features to their usual resting bitchface Zen arrangement.


Went to New Zealand. Sported unattractive but toasty footwear. Had very average holiday. When the best you can say about a break is, “Well, at least I didn’t have to get up and put make-up on every day”, clearly there was room for improvement.


Snapped some piccies of the JCCs against bella backdrops.



Had a ski lesson with this Yoda of Alpine Awesomeness, Tom Newmann. If you ever find yourself flailing on the white stuff in Queenstown or Beaver Creek, Colorado, Tom’s your man.


Bought this painting by the incredible Olha Pryymak. She’s an old ami of Half Island Life’s (La Sista Trivialista) from their time together in Kyiv. They’ll always have Kyiv…


Wore my new J Crew sparkletop to the Wordporium. Felt awesome and cheered the decor up no end.


Appreciated the winter sunrises in the Harbour City.


You? x

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  1. I covet that JCrew top- divine!!!! Looks like you all had a great time in the whites of New Zealand, and over my dead body will I allow you to go anywhere near Botox- remember they are the lines of a life lived!

  2. Kirsty Simmonds

    I so love your bogglingly good blogging skill. Raised a big smile.
    Love the top. Shame I missed seeing you in it today.

    Kirsty Simmonds | Head of Product Marketing | Brand & Marketing, AMP Customer Solutions
    T +61 2 9257 5845 | F +61 2 9257 2002 | M 0402 893 047 | |
    [Description: AMP Logo_15]

  3. Love the description of you oldest bro – I’m so blessed to have to have such a talented la bebe! xxx


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