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Lesson learnt. Piccolo now protected in case of sudden braking. IMG_3125 Hello good burghers of the Czech Republic! Lovely to have you drop by. La hears she’s huge in Bohemia. Yup, me and The Hoff. Pravda vitėzi! You are very welcome here beneath our virtual dusty Australian rafters. We loved watching your Velvet Revolution and welcoming you to the free world!

Went to the Mornington Peninsula with Brunnie Browser on the weekend. Always love a Ladyfest with Brunster. IMG_3110We shared a lovely bott of quality fizz here. Or rather, I had a glass and Brunnie hogged the rest. The old girl’s a lush who needs to find a 12-step program pronto*.

23 view We absorbed the magnifico vista, blissfully inoculated against the disruptiveness of other people’s children due the absence of our own. Is anyone ever happier than a mother travelling sans loin fruits?!?

However, a young hotel employee whom we affectionately nicknamed the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel of Death tried to move us on sharpish. “I’m sorry ladies, but the grass is not hotel property and I must ask you to vacate the area,” Fuzz intoned robotically. Srsly?  La resorted to pulling the alcohol equivalent of that old Hollywood special, the Reese Witherspoon tried-and-tested, “Don’t you know who I am?!?”  Yup, I champagne-shamed him: “Don’t you know how much we spent on this bottle?!?”

It did sweet eff ay. He lurked, like a Dementor. We did as we were told and Moved On, a two-headed role model of assertiveness for downtrodden women everywhere.

When we checked into the Hotel Sorrento we discovered to our dismay that some oversized housekeeping trolleys had stolen our parking spot. But that Brunnie’s a woman of action; she took matters into her own pincers.

23 brunSrsly, never get in the way of a Queenslander and some shit that needs to be sorted.

Aside from an unfortunate case of Cheezel poisoning (Brunnie suffered a migraine and srsly puffy under-eyes after downing an entire box while reading trashy mags) and the buzz-killer that was the Angel, the weekend was relatively incident-free. 23 hedge We spotted some very srs hedging. This variegated number was particularly eye-catching.  (As you can tell, we partied *hard*.)

23 bass

There aren’t many visual mementos of the weekend really, more mental mementos (mentalmentos? No, sounds like a minty anti-depressant). La misses Brunnie and, as with so many good ladypals, wishes distance was less tyrannical. *Sigh*

23 us 2

You can blame Brunnie for Triv being back on the grogs blogs, as she asked where La Triv had gone these past few months. Turns out all that was needed to lure old Trivster back into daylight was a yeasty champers with a fine bead, a few snorty laughs and a visitation from the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel of Death.

Who’da thought? X

* Just a josh to see if Brunnie’s reading. She is consistently moderate in her grogs consumption, except when she’s installed at Top of Waikiki just prior to happy hour wrapping.

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