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The Trivialista-Seriousimo caravan is once again on the road.  After a lovely Christmas dinner cooked by La Mamma and Il Pappa Trivialista, we took to the skies and landed in Zurich on Boxing Day.

Met this well-behaved guy at breakfast.


On the recommendation of Ms Travel Without Tears, we stayed at the amazing Hotel Widder. Its little deco details gave La some Tonia Todman-style inspiration for Palazzo Trivialista.


The shower was like some ninth wonder of the world.


Srsly, there were jets pointing at crevices I didn’t even know I had, let alone knew were in need of a wash.

And — luxe of luxe — a schlosshaffen* of fluffy towelfleisch. Enough to cleanse four grubby Australians of all their travelling sins.


Once officially clean enough to be in Switzerland, we went for a stroll. Signor Seriousimo, back in his Happy Place of old Europa, took in the vista.



You have to hand it to old Europa, it does a great line in doors.




La paid homage at one of my favourite breeds of retail institution, the European pharmacy.


Swear La’m never walking into a Chemist Warehouse again.

We wandered by the river, and enjoyed the bella vistas.


All was good, until we witnessed a swan self-harming.


All those bits of white are his feathers, which he was aggressively plucking off his swanny body. The male Junior Cost Centre (JCC) was most distressed, so we pressed ahead until Seriousimo stopped to ogle a piccie of his favourite mountain…


…La spotted Adele’s next Grammys frock (srsly, she can thank me later)…


…and a few less-than-subtle hints were dropped about this puppy as a late 40th 35th birthday present.


The male JCC was done in by all the excitement. Oh, and the viciously long flight from the Harbour City.


We snoozed, and woke up to this:


Snow! Which is handy, as that’s the whole point of this travelling malarkey.

We headed off to the station and La remembered that, to juvenile minds, some jokes never get tired. *sniggers*


Next stop:


Happy 2015 x

* Swiss-German collective noun for a large group of terry cloths.

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