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Looking, wearing, reading, eating…

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Srsly, this place is so old skool rustic pretty.


And like Cindy Crawford in her prime, it’s impossible to take a bad shot of this grand old dame.


Behold the valley of love:


La Virgin Mary oversees the vistas, providing her holy blessings from the protective vantage point of a vandal-proof cage.


Spending time with so many Friends of Putin (FoPs) here in Zermatt, one starts to question one’s normal evening alpine get-up of ski jacket over boyfriend jean. Those FoPs really put that oligarch cash to good use on the plastic surgery and style fronts.

So this year the ante’s been upped: here’s what we’re wearing. Well, avant and après anyhow.


This is la favourite J Crew cashmere festive jumper, très boxy, worn with the J Crew endless shirt for awesome buverage (bum coverage) and just a touch of Jenna style.


Prior to the trip, La stocked up on jumpers from ye olde J Crewe. Loving this (very moi) blue turtleneck — great too for hiding the turkeyneck. Goes smasho with these elastical-waisted Witchery dacks and la favourite walrus-tooth Pucci chain: ghetto fabulous.


Loving too these new J Crew sparkletops with super split sides. Working well with los sparkle neckpieces. Good over the old endless shirt.

LIVING in these J Crew Turner pants:


Unlike my good friend JPong, La’ve never mastered the art of the stylish puffer. This old Country Road job is doing for now.


And once we get to Londra next week La’ll shimmy on into this new J Crew stadium cloth coat.




All in all,  it’s come together as a pretty good snowy capsule. One good thing I’ll say about the FoPs (and there’s probably only the one): they make you raise your style game.

These are my firm friends: what they lack in style they make up for in toastiness.


Now — what we’re reading. This is passable.


This is amazing: how can you go wrong with main characters called “Bastard” and “Darling”?


And I almost felt physical pain and grief when this was over — La’s best read in years.


Bloody love that Kris Kindle.

Since his noggin injury, male JCC has been confined to quarters, and me with him. Thank ye gods for Lego. Our incarceration gave La all the time and excuses needed to photograph three quarters of the travelling wardrobe.


Our diet has known better days. I blame old Seriousimo; he gets to Switzerland and nutritionally morphs into his former three-year-old self. It’s Haribo and Milka all the way.



Matterhorn-shaped (and -sized) pizzas aren’t great for the midsection either: thank the blessed Virgin Mary for the drapey, elasticised pant.


And the loin fruits have fallen in love with these: “spitzbubes”. *sniggers*


Seriousmo has man flu. We’ll need all the blessings of the gods and the Virgin Mary to help us on that front. Mentally repeating wedding vowels: in sickness and in health…

Off for a Kir Royale or drei… x

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  1. Loving all your updates- giving me lots of morning chuckles( although mortified about Theo when I read that!). Very impressed with wardrobe styling and accessorising- you’ll be giving those plastic filled FoPs a run for their money.Big hugs to all. XX

  2. Tom Pongrass

    Joey happy to get a mention for her ‘stylish puffer’ in this edition. Hope Theo is handling the indoors & have a great time in London. We are at JFK now heading home. Tom x

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