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Hooray for Hollywood

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‘Triv = techmeister’ is not a phrase you’ll see ever often. That said, the bloggy widget thingies tell me we now have lots of new visitors to this, the virtual home of La Trivialista. In the famous words of Alan Cumming in ‘Cabaret’, “Wilkommen, bienveue, welcome!”

We’re getting back to our small-stuff roots, now we’ve dealt with sick loin fruits, breast cancer and family violence. Onto Oscars! (Monday morning, Facebook page, sometime around 10/11am).


Doesn’t old Rock-y look handsome? Love the pose. Wish Ricky Gervais was hosting though. Or Tina and Amy.

In the interests of full disclosure, before the real-time Oscars blog over on Fbook Monday morning, you should know that:

I DO NOT trust Bradley Cooper — that man is fishy. I feel about him the way my Nana used to feel about Camilla Parker Bowles, just after the royal wedding in ’81. And she turned out to be right.

I will VOMIT if Keithy grabs Nic’s arse on the red carpet again — get a room, lovebirds.

We WILL poke fun at John Travolta, should he appear, and especially if we looks extra waxy.

We will applaud people who make brave fashion choices — while having a giggle at what they wear. Case in point:


We will emote about how much we miss The Swan:


And mourn the rise of The Stylists, who make everyone look like identikit ladybots:


HOLLYWOOD, CA - MARCH 02: Actress Jennifer Garner attends the Oscars held at Hollywood & Highland Center on March 2, 2014 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

And we will try not to drink too much champagne before midday, as that makes it too hard to pillage cut-and-paste some media outlet’s photo feed and type comprehensible sentences simultaneously.

It’s no fun, though, if no-one weighs on — so see you on Fbook.


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  1. You know I’ll be there. And I’ll hold off a bit on my morning wine to make sure that I can see straight and pass judgement on the “symmetry” (or lack thereof) of ladies bosoms (a la my comments last year). I feel this is where I can really add value to your blog!


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