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La Famiglia Trivialista/Seriousimo is off soon to the Troubled Eurozone.  We’re doing our bit.  The Phenergan-laced caravan will pass through only London and Paris, but there’s much excitement right now beneath the dusty rafters.  Both male and female Junior Cost Centres are excited about seeing La Mamma and Il Papa Seriousimo, who happen to live in a Site of Historical Significance with first-grade dusty rafters.

La Triv, in contrast, is anxious — not just about managing the Junior Cost Centres’ jetlag alone until Signor Seriousimo lands in Blighty, blinking at the light and probably with a few legal briefs still stuck to his person.  But also about a possible Grexit during transit.  Fact is, the whole concept of austerity gives Triv Les Creeps.  No word scares her more — except maybe “offal” or “colonoscopy”.

This aside, a highlight will be seeing Ms A, aka BFFFFS (Best Friends Forever For F**** Sake).  She intones the latter phrase often and earnestly, like a prayer or a tick.  Heston B may or may not be cooking us lunch at Dinner at some stage, hopefully offal-free.

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  1. La Triv’s Troubled Eurozone updates jostling for top spot on CFO, Whis Incorporated’s watchlist — please keep said Senior Financial Guru (and hapless spendthrift sidekick; similarly horrified by notions of “austerity”)posted.


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