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La Triv and both the male and female Junior Cost Centres (JCCs) decided to travel to the Troubled Eurozone via America.  In transito, Male JCC became ill.  What would normally be a very happy happenstance — an unexpected stopover in La Grande Pomme — is now a very strange stance, as all La Famiglia Trivialista (minus Signor Seriousimo, who can’t depart the Wide Brown Land just yet) have seen of NYC is the inside of an albeit very nice hotel room, and a paediatric medical centre.

It’s all out there on my doorstep…so near and yet so very, very far.  I literally cannot believe I am here, and sorta kinda not here.

Like, in transit.  Or purgatory.

We are now armed with antibiotics for Male JCC, who’s happily showing signs of improvement.  He needs to be “back to himself” to fly, i.e. cheeky and ably channeling his inner rapscallion.  Looks like La Triv could be up for a battle with the Faceless Men of the insurance world on our return home; I’ll be ready to whack them with sheafs of hotel bills and airline change fee receipts.  Really looking forward to that.


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