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Winsome Wednesday

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It is truly a foulinski day here in TrivTown.  Not even character-feature-rich architecture glimpsed from beneath the colourful fronds of a Marimekko brolly makes it any better.  Srsly, get lost rain.

However, there are a few pathetically trivial things on Ma Mind.

1.  Guillaume.  Pronounced “Ghee-om”.  (If it reaches La ears that someone is calling him “Gwill-arm”, there will be Consequences, and Junior Cost Centres 1 and 2 could attest to their severity.)  The Triv Media Control Console was tuned to French Food Safari last night, and — man! — he is tan.  Does that guy ever see the inside of a kitchen?  Or just sunbeds?  I know he has the advantage of Gallic and naturally olive planche, but, really, next time I go to Bennelong I’m going to wonder who’s cooking my food while he suns it up on Ile de Ré.  That said, there could be space for him inside the Spunk Yurt.  We’ll see.  Thoughts?

2.  Dinner Friday.  La Moi and Signor Seriousimo are off to a dinner to farewell a good Amigo who’s off to live in the Troubled Eurozone, specifically, the Land of Blight.  Rumour has it a Semi-Prominent Media Personage may or may not be in attendance.  What to say?  Nerve-numbing bubbles will be in order.  Unrelatedly, I’m recalling the experience of another Amigo who, several years ago, found herself at a swanky dinner in the Land of Blight.  To her right was a balding accountant with buck teeth and a few strands of hair stretched across his pate.  To her left was Hugh Grant.  She’s all class, this Amigo, and she proceeded to converse with each equally, and purported to have absolutely no idea who Hugh was, nor any prior knowledge of famous lovers or Hollywood Boulevard escapades.  Love it.

3.  I am still sometimes disbelieving that “Winsome” is a Real Flesh And Blood name.  But it is.  Think it will stage a comeback some day?

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