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Times out in London

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Apparently, there will soon be a congregation of sweaty youths in these here United Kingdoms.


Major jet lag calls for major coffee. Plus side is La Famiglia Trivialista found some, minus side is we had to wait until it opened at 7.30. A coffee boîte that doesn’t open til 7.30?!? We’re not in Kansas anymore, JCCs.



We’re working our way through this list and results so far have been pleasing. This was The Espresso Room on Great Ormond Street.  Fab coffee and nice peeps.

Coffee’s come a long way in Londra since La Triv was last resident, thanks to the Antipodean diaspora. God bless you and yours, Velcro sandal-wearing backpackers, fighting for our right to a good bean.

Happily, Signor Seriousimo has now joined us. He emerged, blinking into the daylight, from a Green Tomato minicab this morning at 5.45, with only two dusty legal briefs stubbornly sticking to his person.  Needless to say, after hugs and kissies were exchanged, La Fam was off to purchase a BlackBerry charger, in case some e-legal briefs wanted to share our holiday.  To expunge thoughts of the legal briefs, we broke the fast at the Fifth Floor Cafe at Harvey Nicks. Sadly, La Visage Trivialista is now slight pocked with fork marks, as I was so busy staring at the amazing Mary Katrantzou windows I kept missing my gob.


Holy Mary mother of god, that woman’s a talent.

And finally – non UK-based peony fans, read the price on these beauties, and weep.


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  1. I can remember being impressed by the coffee options available in La Londra when visiting over the late noughties, as I’d heard that coffee was not the forte of the British. I didn’t realise that antipodeans were so instrumental in bringing around the beanolution. And the Italian diaspora were instrumental in addicting us to the bean. talk about the long way round!

  2. Lil' laaaaady

    Found it, read it, love it!!


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