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Ahhh, Paris…

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La Caravana Famiglia is returned from the Troubled Eurozone.  La Triv is happy to report that, despite economic woes, the macarons are still delicious and the Parisiens still replete with ‘tude.  Would we want either any other way?  They’re nothing if not plucky, those Frenchies.  Vive La France.


This is probably what you shouldn’t let your male JCC do when in Paris.  Pacifists, look away now.



A display of airborne military might on La Fête Nationale, viewed from the safety of La Triv’s spiritual home, St Germain.


Simplement belle.  Love a grape vine arbor.


Just what we all need — a cardi festooned with various pieces of delicate furniture.


Suffices it to say, La Famiglia Trivialista-Seriousimo won’t be booking its next hol with this lot.



Signor Seriousimo and La Triv pulled on the glad rags and headed off to dinner at the legendary Grand Véfour, the establishment that claims to have invented the modern concept of eating out.  I claim they have invented a serious millstone for the famiglial wallet, as Seriousimo — full of joie de vivre and Pomerol — declared that, from now on, no trip to Paris would be complete without a meal there.  Yiiikes.  Better start generating some traffic on this blog so I can flog some loot, or rent out significant space beneath the dusty rafters of La Maison Trivialista to foreign students.



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