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Never let it be said La Triv is afraid of tackling Hard News.

This morning, en route to a pick-me-up solo breakfast, your correspondent passed this sight corner of Park and Castlereagh.

I popped on my sharpest, roving-reporter newshound-style elbows and pushed through the pack to uncover the cause of the cordon. But one copper was too busy yawning and the other so preoccupied with his mouthful of bacon and egg McMuffin that my probing, insightful questions went unanswered.

Stay tuned.

(Oh, and because I know my loyal readers so well [after all, at least one of you three is a blood relative], let me allay a fear which I’m sure is creeping in about now. Despite this recent move toward Hard News, will NOT be going paywall anytime soon. Breathe easy…for now.)

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  1. We’ve just moved into temporary accommodation next to the Darwin Magistrates Court. Every morning en route to the bus to do the daycare run, we get chased by the TV crews staking the footpath out to film everyone walking into the courts. They love me, y’know…


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