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For a long time, La Triv has been quietly fascinated by Daniel Johns.  Such a prodigiously talented — yet formally untrained — enigma wrapped in a made-to-order, super ethical and organic rock star sausage casing.

His new National Carrier* anthem, performed with the ACO, has been play-viewed many times here at the Triv Media Control Console.  Hope I don’t wear out YouTube’s tubes.

I think he needs to join Hany in the Spunk Yurt.

*This post and video should in no way be construed as Brand Trivialista endorsement of the National Carrier.  The recent trip to the Troubled Eurozone was taken down the back of the Q****s bus, and was an unparalleled experience in tiny seat pitch, grouchy service and long-haul hunger and thirst.  Based on the overall customer experience, Q****s’s new theme should have been penned and performed by someone more like, hmm, Peter Andre.  

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  1. People never believed me when I said British Airways was better than Q-Ass. Brits think they have dibs on the worst national carrier, but Q-Ass is crappier. At least on BA they shove loads of junk food and sugary drink on their galley bench tops so that hungry passengers can self serve throughout the flight. That’s top points for me!


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