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Get your iPhone stoned (literally) with Weston Weston Jasper Printed iPhone Case

Trivial’s my name, trivial’s my game.  That said, I don’t normally get obsessed with tech-related minutiae, even if it’s blessed with a design edge.

Until now.

I really want this iPhone case, by London architect/designer Richard Weston, a super clever man who may yet make it into the Spunk Yurt on the basis of his unseemly talent (rather than his looks:  slightly too Alan Bennett for my liking).

I drop my phone more often than the average diva hurls one at a PA’s head.  Gods know why.  My current Kate Spade case is in tatters, TATTERS I tell you.  So time for an upgrade.  But the great Deity Google tells me the only way to get Weston’s wares into the Wide Brown Land is via the interwebs, and specifically Net-A-Porter.  NAP and La Triv are BFFs, known to frottage and cottage on a regular basis.  But to buy an iPhone case for AUD50 and pay AUD30-odd for shipping?  Suspect it ain’t gonna happen.

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  1. early christmas present perhaps? happy to facilitate delivery…x

  2. Because I’m so lumpy and yuck these days, I don’t dress myself, I dress my phone. My current Kate Spade Florence Broadhurst cover is TDF.


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