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For the love of Jac+Jack

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Kinski Top


Those clever girls at Jac+Jack.  This top belongs in La Closetta Trivialista like a bike saddle belongs beneath Bradley Wiggins’s bum.

Bold graphic print?  Tick.  Tunic style?  Tick.  Navy accents?  Tick.  Bit of silk crepe de chine?  Tick.  However, how to sneak it beneath the dusty rafters of La Palazzo Trivialista, then debut it without invoking the ire of Signor Seriousimo?  The days of hiding new purchases beneath the Marital Bed of Deceit for an appropriate cooling-off period (“This old thing???  I’ve had it for AGES!  Shame on you for not noticing how great I look in it sooner!!!”) are over:  Seriousimo was onto that sometime around our first anniversary.  He’s no dumbass, sadly.

Hmm, time for some financial engineering.  Srsly, my skills in this department would put Babcock & Brown to shame.

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  1. I luff the frock in that design.


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