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If you were a fly on the wall at The Wordporium, you’d occasionally hear a call go up from someone standing at the communal printer.

“Who’s printed MasterChef’s chicken winglets oysters hommous raw veg salad?”

Ah, that would be La.  Printing recipes when I should be wordporing.

Fact is, La Triv finds it very relaxing, in the middle of difficult Wordporium tasks, to take to the Deity Google and sniff out a recipe.  This morning’s was a stir-fried spanner crab omelette on SMH.  Omelettes are very popular beneath the dusty rafters of Palazzo Trivialista, as are all forms of cooked crustaceans (almost without exception).

Stir-fried spanner crab omelet.

It’s by the BePonytailed One, Neil Perry.  And I particularly love his descriptor of this recipe:  “This variation on my famous (my itals, not his) crab omelet is both quick and easy.”  Sheesh, cheffies have some ego, non?

It’s like me saying, “This version of my universally admired self is both flawless and unsurpassable.”

And where are his extra “t” and “e”?  Is this a “program” / “programme” thing?

So now I’m plotting to carve off some time during this evening’s Commuta Trivialista to pop into the fish markets and grabby me some crabby.

And in other news related to the sating of various Triv appetites, here’s the latest permutation of La Coffee Trivialista:

Thankfully my preferred outlet largely serves a bunch of pampered finance types so they’re well-accommodating of fussiness.

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