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“I thought I was balloon”

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This New Yorker story — believe it or not, written from the point of view of a condom — caused much laughter beneath the dusty rafters last week.

Podcasts on La Triv’s Mobile Media Control Console (aka iPhone) provide much diversion during the commute à pied between the Palazzo and the Wordporium.  La toggles between Desert Island Discs (DID) with the gorgeous Kirsty Young, and This American Life with the equally gorgeous Ira Glass.  Here they are.

“These shoes are a bit high, even for me, so I’ll just continue reclining attractively on this chaise”

“Don’t be fooled by my bookwormish glasses and slight frame… I’m a TIIIIIIIIII-GRRRRR…”

You may have noticed that this particular Ira is extra large.  Yep.  Don’t say La never does anything nice for you.

Anyhows, quote of the week from George Bernard Shaw via this morning’s DID:  “Better for a parent to be a horrible warning than a good example.”  Parents among you, do with that what you will.

And speaking of a parent who was a bit of both:  Diana.  Loving Naomi Watts’s transformation from bike-riding West Village mum of two to the People’s Princess.

Genial.  Looking forward to this one — we love a good biopic here between the dusty rafters.

Speaking of transformations, am toying with a new high ponytail.  Behold La look I’m aiming for.

“I was going for an unevenly highlighted, unpolished, kind of shaggy-sheeps-wool-meets-Brillo-pad look like my friend La Trivialista, but I’ll settle for this instead…”

I’m falling short but I’ll get there.  Ira’s wife, Anaheed — who, in the main, remains comparatively un-Googleable — has a pixie cut.  Time for a change, perhaps..?


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