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Egg-citing times

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The Wordporium released some important hot air words into the atmosphere on Thursday, and La Triv got an early mark.

Got a chance to see that Jigsaw’s back to doing what — aside from a couple of out-of-the-ordinary seasons — it does best:  frumpy Mother-of-the-Bride pastel chic.

“Hyacinth Bucket called — she wants her clothes back.”

Not sure how closely you follow coverage of NSW politics *yawns* but impending funding cuts mean the Copperati are more (choose your own wordplay cliché) under the gun / in the crosshairs / staring down the barrel than ever, particularly with all the glassing and king-hits going on among the youngfolk.  Appears they’ve had to call for out-of-town reinforcements.

“With great power comes great skin-tight lycra”

La wondered into Zimmermann.  Always a visual feast, if a little Bondi-babe-meets-Maypole-dancer-meets-Pigalle-hooker at times.  Cottaged and frottaged up to this floral loveliness.

Zimmermann Balance Eclectic Twist dress, yours for $750

Might look a bit MOTB, but really quite gorge.

Come Saturday night, Signor Seriousimo and I lived on the edge and popped out for a 6.15 dinner.  (Home by 8.30.  Crazy times here.)  Went to one of our long-time favourites, Fish Face in Darlinghurst.

Do these fellas look scared to you?

Well you would be too if you were on Crab Death Row with the beady crustacean-loving eyes of La Triv and Signor Seriousimo trained on your tank.

But we resistsed — in manner of James Bond, those crabbies will die another day.  SS opted for scallops (“You just can’t beat a good scallop”) and I went for kingfish tartare.  Delicioso.

Crabs and eggs are becoming a common theme here at La online home.  Female JCC and I are engaged in an ongoing Pepsi challenge to find the best eggs.  So far nothing beats these:

…but they are rare as hen’s teeth (boom boom!).  So we’re working our way through a selection of others.  Many factors are taken into account when judging, but the most prominent one is, I’m sorry to say, faecal.

Yep, a good egg must still have some poo on it.

And that’s about as rural as we get around these parts.

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  1. I have a joke. Two elephants walk off a cliff… Boom boom!


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