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Prepare to be armed with all you need to know to be popular at this weekend’s events.  Seated comfortably at the Triv Media Control Console, I scan the big issues so you don’t have to.

Harry… Say No More.  Feel free to read the tawdry details elsewhere.  But La Triv’s meta-analysis of Harry’s alleged expolits in Vegas is this:  we will soon see a situation of wedge politics emerge between him and his straighty-180 bro.  After all, the latter is now ensconsed in domestic bliss, happily fulfilling his King-in-waiting duties.  And Harry’s still with the wild oats and the barley seeds.  Didn’t he know what happens in Vegas never stays in Vegas?  Does he care?

Kidman Booty Covers V Mag.  Do you think it’s been photoshopped?  Or is it really just down to jogging and Pilates?

You know what?  I could insert something here about Wide Brown Land politics or our role in South Pacific security or offshore processing of asylum seekers, but frankly, right now I’m watching paint dry and it’s much more fun.

Think I’m bored of the wrap for today.  And I’m sick *sniffs*.  So let’s move on to photos of my Junior Cost Centres when they were bambinos.

This is my female Junior Cost Centre — cute, huh?  I miss my Bugaboo, I miss being off work and walking with her through parks and just staring at her, for hours and hours and hours.

And here’s my male JCC, in all his chubtastic glory, albeit drooling.  Miss pushing him around in prams too, though he wouldn’t object if I offered.  And he’s almost five.

So there’s all you need to know for the weekend:  babies are cute.


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  1. Brunswick Browser

    Is that a big V for vagina? As in, bend over just a tiny bit, Nicole, and we’ll be able to see yours? What was she thinking? Yes, she has a supernatural non-wobble bottom, but am I the only one who finds this shot skanky?


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