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Navy: A Love Story

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Black may well be the new black, but for La lira right now, there’s nowt as superior as navy.

My good ladyfriend, Brunswick Browser, would say there’s never been anything but navy — her loyalty to this royal shade has never wavered.

Mine, on the other hand, has waxed and waned over the years — but right now I’m cottaging and frottaging up to navy like there’s no tomorrow, and La Closetta Trivialista is all the richer for it.

Take this:

My very favourite Skin and Threads longline navy cardi — slim profile, great colour and provides fantatsic buverage (bum coverage).

And this is semi-permanently affixed to La noggin.

Especially great for the school run when tonsorial care duties have been neglected (i.e. hair’s oilier than the North Atlantic).  Thanks to those clever folk at Elk.

Mind, both you and I would prefer to have this permanently affixed to our noggins…

…but until La Mamma Seriousimo rekindles her friendship with the ex-Crown Jeweller, he comes out of retirement and resumes his old job, and Seriousimo and I renew our vows (unlikely, as we can barely get organised enough to renew our drivers licenses) it’s probably not happening *swears*.

Love this handy hold-all from my friend Marc by Marc Jacobs.  Take it from La, it’s srsly difficult to find a good navy handbag.  (I know, penthouse problems…)

But Marcola has come through for me twice now:


The man is undeniably a genius.  Even if he frocked up thus for the Met Gala.

“Do my boxer shorts look big in this?”

This is an old faithful from Jiggy Jigsaw, when it was having one of its slightly less catastrophic seasons.

Then there’s this — a Trivtastic navy bracelet given to me by my friend Yankee Doodle, from Jim and Jane.  Thanks Miss Doodle!

These lovelies were organised for me by the wonderful Miss Jo — the infinitely clever and talented creator of Piamento. She asked the nice people at Vickies Shoes in Hong Kong to whip them up when she was passing through on a buying trip.  Thanks again, Miss Jo.

Then there are these flowery trews from Whistles, which La loveloveloves, but hasn’t yet had the ticker to wear.  What’s with that?  And did you know Whistles does ten quid shipping to the Wide Brown Land?

And, yes, you would be right in thinking I’ve neatly folded in the edges to make La waistline and trouser profile appear slimmer

And another Piamento treasure, the Cashmere Mini-Cape.  You can wear this wonder of nature five different ways.  It even comes with steak knives and a built-in iPod*.

And finally, my all-time favourites, the kind of shoes people stop you in the street to comment on.  The kind of shoes that make complete strangers actually want to talk to you.

Readers, meet Christa.

“In these shoes? I don’t think so…”

La’s giving her to you extra large, because both you and she deserve it.  If ever you’re in the market for a completely transformative clodhopper experience, you need look no further than the amazing creations of Natalia and Jennifer at Bionda Castana.

Get your calf muscles in training now.  Oh, and prepare to tell your bunions, “Suck it up, Princesses.”

*Not really.

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  1. I hear you La Triv, you can never go past navy. And I know you would vouch that I have always been (and will forever more be) a loyal blueist. Love your posts Triv, much love from the Vegas, hope to catch up sometime. I miss you!! xx

  2. Brunswick Browser

    Thank God, La La Lady – I saw “Navy” in the title and for a moment I thought you must have written a worthy post on sexual discrimination in the defence forces, so I was thrilled to see instead an ode to my all-time favourite satorial hue.

  3. Brunswick Browser

    Oops – forgive the errant R. That was supposed to be sartorial.

  4. La, LOVE all your posts. Really love this navy love affair though and those BC beauties. Hot to trot I say. Am doodles happy you like the bracelet but would make me really happy if you could wear that spectacular tiara every day xx


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