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Kiss the girls

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Still slightly sickialista, so here’s another raid of the Mobile Media Control Console and various Trivtastic observations that could end up teetering on the brink of rants.

First off the rank:  copycat fashions. Note to Karen Millen:  Peter Pilotto called…

20120829-204803.jpg…and he wants his print back.

And French Connection:  Missoni called…

…and they definitely want their print back.

Never let it be said La holds back from letting you know exactly how things really are beneath the dusty rafters — warts and all.  In that spirit, here’s a current vignette from La Fridgialista.


On La left is some crazy canine from a doggy dental care ad which the JCCs spotted in a magazine.  They giggled like drains, so he made it onto La Fridge.  And on la right is a Captain Underpants ‘Wedgie Power’ sticker.  Yep, here it’s all highbrow, all the time.

(Astute readers will observe the sticky tape holding Crazy Doggy Fangs in place…why the hell aren’t ‘stainless steel’ fridges magnetic anymore?  And… there’s the rant.)

This came from Fishpond today. Those campers are cheap but boy their books take a looong time to land.

Can’t wait to read it.  JL has been writing some amazing stories on the consequences of the GFC for the Troubled Eurozones and those Great United Kingdoms.  La’s a GFC junkie who also loves a good parable that sees avaricious chalk stripe-sporting types brought low by their greed and dicky moral compass.  Will report back.

Little male JCC announced to me a couple of nights ago that he’s been kissing the girls.  I asked who and how many.  He began counting them off and — worryingly — ran out of fingers very very fast.

Lock up your daughters

 Time to go, Go Back to Where You Came From is making me teary.

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