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Here we go again — all the goods you need to be the most popular personista in the room this weekend.

Neil Armstrong Embarks on the Eternal Moonwalk. What a classy man he was. Vale Neil. And let’s all admire the fact that he didn’t give in to the siren call of cosmetic intervention, unlike his former Apollo mate, Buzz Aldrin.

“Hmm, what is that we spy on the surface of the moon? The Sea of Tranquility or the Bride of Wildenstein?”

Rupert Murdoch Takes to Twitter to Defend Harry’s Nudey Rudeness. “Prince Harry. Give him a break. He may be on the public payroll one way or another, but the public loves him, even to enjoy Las Vegas.” And Rupert loves to be able to print — and profit from — los picturos that result from the antics of that poor motherless child.

La finds the concept of Rupes tweeting an hilarious one. Would love to be his ghost tweeter. Do you think Wendi does it? Guess as long as that’s keeping her so busy she no longer has the time to implore him to dye his diminishing locks a rusty hue in the manner of a fuller-haired Chinese man, we should all be grateful.

“Loving those glow-in-the-dark stars we popped on the ceiling — aren’t you?”

‘Hope Springs’ the Fillum to See. Meryl and Tommy Lee getting plaudits from discerning viewers for this alleged gem. Can’t wait to see. Ye gods we love Meryl here beneath los dusty rafters. And by ‘we’ La means ‘I’. (La is aware that the first person pronoun is a hard one to get your noggin around on this blog.)

Legend Live Venue the Sando Bites the Sawdust. Poor old Sando in Newtown. Yet another victim of the march of the pokies and the opportunity cost associated with retaining space for live music. Many an afternoon / evening was whiled away by La, Miss A and Lady Dublin, swaying away to the highs: Whitlams (Tim *swoons*), Black Eyed Susans, Bean…and some of the lows: Cosmic Frontbum (yes, really). Sad, sad, sad. There’s nothing that’s good for anyone — whether you go and see it or not — about the demise of live music in inner cities. Bah grr.

Charlotte Dawson Calls Out the Twitter Trolls. Good on her. Good to see too that there are some real-world consequences for some of these abhorrent people. God knows, La gets montanas of dodgy comments that end up being blocked by the cyber guard dog*.

TomKat Officially Neutered. Yep. it’s all over in a formal sense. And Katie will be forced to subsist on no more than $400,000 a year in Suri support. Exclusive of school fees. Hardship times in Chelsea. Oprah, please come back for real, deploy your most amazing powers of mind control and will-suppression, and convince her and Nicole to plonk on your couch and diiiiiiish. We need it.

It was a quiet night under the rafters. Signor Seriousimo was stuck at work on a conf call. How uncomfortable. Anyway, his absence could mean only one thing:

Yep, a guilt-free night of “Girls.”

Have you watched this show? It’s GENIUS . And here’s the genial anti-heroine of whom La speaks:

Lena Dunham. This 26-year-old (!!!) New Yorker created the show, and writes, directs and stars in most episodes. She — and it — is a revelation.

Okeydoodle. Have a great, and well-informed, weekend.

*Not really.

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  1. NOOOO….not the Sando….where’s the big fella upstairs going to get a schooner now?


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