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La Triv has, at times, gone on, at length, about her love of a digi print. It’s up there with a triumphant vertical garden on the Triv-ia List-a of bella things.

Here’s the evidence.
This is another triumph by my gorgeous friend, Miss Jo of Piamento. Clever, clever lady. Piamento’s spring/summer range will be available online from 10 September — do yourself a stylish favour.

I call this one Horsey. It’s by Milk From a Thistle. I think of it as Stella McCartney for people who can’t afford Stella McCartney. MFaT are doing some amazing birdy prints right now. If I bought one of those I guess I would have to call it Birdy.

Meet — yep, you guessed it — Owly. Emma Cook, another very clever lady. She’s doing some amazing Cougars and Snakeys right now.

This one’s a bit more psychadela-digi. Love. Scanlan.

Those are the highlights from La Closetta. But — wait — there’s more!

The zinc rooves indicate this is unlikely to be Marrickville.

Guess where?

A comfy triumph from Freedom.

Dig the blue shutters.

A bigger version of the other zinc rooves. (“Roofs” or “rooves”? Vote now!)

London calling

This was purchased for the currently very homesick Signor Seriousimo. I don’t love love, but he cuddles it sometimes and it appears to make him happy. Bah. What can you do? Sometimes style has to take a back seat.

And this is just a groovy and bargain-basement cheap lampshade from our sweet Swedish amigos at Ikea. My friend Sarah Terrific-Home had one and I blatantly copied.

See — all the digi that’s fit to print!

What are your feelings on the digi doodle?


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  1. have just signed up to piamento – many thanks

  2. Have loved digi print since i got my face on a tshirt at dreamworld circa 1981! Was dreamworld built then? Go to scanlan and check out blue tank with gorgeous tall trees and snow on the ground. Guaranteed to elongate the torso darl! I hope they are aussie gum trees.


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