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Samantha Robinson, ceramicist par excellence

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A couple of weeks ago, La visited a temple of gorgeousness, Samantha Robinson in Transvaal Avenue, Double Bay.


I discovered this clever potter when my great friend, Miss Petey, gave me a lovely bowl for my birthday.  (We share one — all the best Pisceans/trivial people are born on March 16.  Petey and I are proof.)


Such fab pieces — and great entry-level pricing too.  Smallies start at around $70.


What’s not to love about these amazing watermelon bowls… I make a mean melon, feta and prawn salad and would give eye fangs to have one of these in time for the Christmas feast.  A massive-sized investment-scale one — surely a future heirloom —  runs at around $350.

20120904-120343.jpgSuch glorious colours, such enviable imperfections.  Worth a visit — and great for presents.


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