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Fun (for who?) run

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Yesterday, female JCC and I embarked upon what’s known in the trade as a family fun run.

Here she is, contemplating the beast that must be tamed.20120916-115138.jpg

And here are nos tootsies, raring to go.  Yes, she has raided a local lavender bush for luck.20120916-115216.jpg

Boy, there were a lot of sport-billy punters at the starting line.20120916-115259.jpg

“Look Mum, no hands cars!”20120916-115326.jpg

It was around this point that the female JCC spotted a chum and left La in her dust.  Off she ran, with her little friend (thanks for supervising them, Mr Shasta Daisy — a good man and a fellow TAL fan), while I maintained what I thought was a top-shelf walking pace.  I must have overestimated my speed, however, as I was overtaken by one woman in a wheelchair and two bumblebees.  Lost sight of female JCC within two minutes.  Slightly scary.20120916-115400.jpg

Here’s the view from the road outside the Wordporium.20120916-115428.jpg

I was so far behind the pack at this point — and tired of all the course volunteers shouting, “Come on!!!  You can do it!!! Great work!!!” at me — that I contemplated hopping the fence and lying down for a rest on the stones of HarbourHenge to hide my shame.20120916-115452.jpg

JCC finished six minutes ahead of me, then we walked through the Botanic Gardens.  This is for Faux Fuchsia, in case she ever reads La blog.20120916-115516.jpg

As we waited to be collected by Seriousimo and the male JCC, I longed to lie down in the back of this and rest.20120916-115550.jpg

But Seriousimo fought the closed roads and piled-up traffic and took us to Zinc for a restorative omelette.  Yes, salt was liberally sprinkled.20120916-115613.jpg

La was very proud of the female JCC, who still only has very small legs, but was lonely.  Might have been La debut and finale “fun” run all in one.

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