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Miss A, of meat fruits fame, continues her role in La life as peerless coolhunter.  She’s been twiddling some knobs of her own over there in those Great United Kingdoms, and found us this.  Prepare to feel misty.

And just so you can look chic while you give your lover some time, los old amigos at Tallulah & Hope tell me they’re offering up to 60% off their gorgeous kaftans, it being the dying days of the Euro summer and all.

Here’s my lovely friend, Ms Whis, posing in her T&H ‘tan in St Tropez this past Euro summer.  As you do.

La bank of blog stat multiscreens tells Triv that, in the past week, readers in France, Belgium and Spain have cast their English-reading peepers on this humble blog.  Who’d a thunk it?

Thank you, Euro types.  May you know that I am La huge fan of your part of the world, and I wish you all the very best that you may overcome your fiscal troubles painlessly and sharpish.

On the other  hand, if you’re just some random trawling software trying to pass yourself off as Euro-sophisticate blog-munchers, then I wish a pox on both your mainframes.

On that note, happy Mardi.

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  1. Pam Thomson

    I’ll do my best to pull them out of their fiscal problems in the next couple of months!!

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