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Paris calling

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Cop.  A.  Load.  Of.  This.  Landed in la inbox last night.

Yep, it’s la very first invitation to a Paris show.

So the question was posed to Seriousimo:  could I go?

His laughter is still ringing in mine ears.

How did I come to pledge my troth to such a man?  He just does not get it.

Longtime Triv reader and Wordporium sister-in-arms KSimm suggested I do a quick whip-around.  And book a flight fast — show’s this Friday.  Maybe I could squeak into Charles de Gaulle and hotfoot it (in BC shoes — a challenge for the most heel-fit of women, but if anyone could do it, I could) to the Tuileries just before showtime?

A girl can dream.

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