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Don’t be fooled by the title — sadly, this is not a post about a new boutique cashmere label or a funky Williamsburg co-operative brunch destination.

Seriousimo dropped me at his work this morning, and — after fighting my way through the jungle of archived legal briefs and back up into the open air — I walked to the Wordporium. I find this a good chance to take in the happenings about the Harbour City’s retail shopfronts.

First up, a wander past one of La currently favourite retail whipping boys, Jigsaw. They tell me A-line floral skirts are back.

Srsly, for whom? Tucker’s Daughter?  Ploise.

Sussan had a really quort norce electric blue blazer — only just shy of a hundred spondoolies. Great with the skinny yellow belt.

La passegiata also took me past the windows of Country Road. Said windows told me CR was having a mid-season sale. I replied, “Who cares? You make us Wide Brown Land ladyfolk some stylish threads and I might start.” Caring, that is. Then I scuttled off in shame, realising I’d been talking to a window. Was too embarrassed to take a photo.

Things looked up at Bally, with these gorgies whispering someone’s name.  Sadly, not mine though, in these frugaltastic times.

Do you happen to be in the market for a quirky, jute-knit lampshade?  I know, me too!!!  Brunello Cucinelli’s our man.

Spotted these lovelies at Fairfax & Roberts. Sure, this window looks fine now, but that was before the drooling began in earnest. (Seriousimo — are you reading?  Do you believe in blogs yet? Hello? Bueller? Anyone..???) LATE-BREAKING UPDATE FROM SERIOUSIMO:  apparently these will adorn los lobes and La decolletage when “a salthouse full of prosciuttos take to the skies on gossamer wings”. Bah humbug to you too.

Mila Kunis may well be the current face of Dior, but La can’t help but feel she’s having a Moment, one that will soon be Over. Sure, she gave good twirl as a saucy, lady-loving swan opposite NatPort, but now that she’s dating former cougar fodder Ashton K (who seems like the ultimate kidult to La), I’m not so sure she’s a stayer.

Now, this is what no Tiffany ever wants to see — a “prime site for lease” rental firesale scenario next to its zone of duck egg blue serenity.

One thing La loves about this Harbour City is unexpected pockets of green. It’s comforting to know there’s quality amounts of photosynthesis going on so close to the Wordporium.

As far as vertical gardens go, this is a cracker.

And so ends our little tour of the quartier bordered by Market and Bridge.

Happy Monday.

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  1. Love the trip down memory lane… I could follow your virtual route from Pitt to Alfred! Reckon the jewels would look fabbo – have more words with seriousimo!

  2. ALEX EDDIE, could commercial property folk get any more wanky?


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