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A Lawsons unto itself

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La lives in the vicini of Lawsons, an auction house. Sarah Terrific-Home got me on to their Friday weekly auctions — you know, drop-in-and-bid stuff. Palazzo Trivialista can always do with some more items to catch the dust that drifts from the pigeon poo-splattered rafters so, a few weeks ago, I happily went along.

Trust me, between STH and La, we’re talking four extremely eagle-eyed peepers, capable of a laser-like lock on a bargain. Although we missed the bulk of the auction action, we did spy a few gems. Out of curiosity and a rabid desire to know when I’m on to a good thing, La looked back through the auction results from that day to see what some of the aforementioned gems ended up selling for.

Pair of lovely bedside tables. Would have been yours (or mine!) for only $75. As we all know, a good bedside table is hard to find.

Oak dresser — went for the princely sum of $130.

Sweet Art Deco cabinet — made someone’s day at $120.

Sweet ladydesk — something I’m kicking myself I didn’t snaffle for $260.

And the piece La’m truly regretting I didn’t raise a paddle for: gorgeous mahogany drawers that sold for $200, and are now being displayed in the window of a local antique store for — wait for it — $1,850.

Even those of truly quirky tastes are catered for.

Anyone for a $150 antique wire lobster trap? Surely the handy among us could do something amazing with this, a deck of playing cards and some LED lights.

There are also major art, glass and ceramic bargains to be had. And it’s not all mouldy oldie loot, they also hold C20th auctions. Scandi rosewood sideboard that would sell for (trust me, I’ve looked, lusted and left) $6,000 in Great Dane?  At Lawsons, yours for $1,500.

Even if you have to engage the services of a handy French polisher for zsjoozsjing, much of this would still be a bargain at twice the price.

La’s set to be all over the Friday auctions like a cheap suit. Planning to cottage and frottage up to the dusty goodies like no-one’s beeswax with my eagle-eyed friend.  When that happens, you can look forward to another guest post from Smuggy McSmugginson from Smugtown, Smugstralia. Blogging from atop a $85 turned-leg Victorian chaise.

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  1. And don’t forget Raffan Kelahar and Thomas in Leichardt can also be good for some auction fun and bargain fines.

  2. Lara Thompson

    I was in a new Brisbane restaurant on the weekend which had lobster baskets and crab pots strung up in ceiling as lighting! Love a bit of clever upcyling!

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