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Tomorrow, La jets to the City of Laneways, then wends her way to the Ton of Kyne for the annual LadyFest with one of los besties, Brunny.

We will rest our weary heads here

And we will sup here

…and here

At the latter, this lady will cook for us.

Am happy about this because it’s part of the Triv Manifesto (stubbornly, still a work in progress) never to dine at the gaff of a chef who’s a) skinny or b) unsmiling. And it’s always a bonus if said chef is willing to pose hugging would-be meal ingredients. With faces.

Hopefully this won’t feature too prominently on the menu…

…or these…

…because a bit of knob-twiddling at the Triv Media Control Console and consulting of the deity Google shows she does amazing things with those critters she cuddles.

Hopefully we will share a flute or two of this…

…or maybe one or two of these…

There’s sure to be much wagging of chins and sharing of confidences. And laying of personal development plans for the year to come. sprang from the loins of last year’s LAdyFest, with Brunny and Glammo Amo in the City of Angels.

Sometimes you need good amigos to give you a good, old-fashioned kick up the…

See you on the other side x

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  1. Have a great time lovely ladies. I will be thinking of you as I serve halal hotdogs at the school barn dance. That’s SW2 for you xx


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