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These are freaky, freaky times, people. So freaky they have led La to theft.

Yup, this morning I committed a minor felony — and all because of a mag.


See, I forgot to pick up my copy last Friday. So I had to steal one from the cafe underneath the Wordporium. I love those people! I would never normally steal from them!

But here’s why it was out of los hands: a semi-professional speed skim of the copy perched atop the communal bench told me there was so much that would appeal to me in this edition that I had to have it. It was like it had been produced for me, and me alone.

The cover boy is Rhys Muldoon, about whom La’s quietly fascinated. He’s going great guns in House Husbands, and it seems that the older and more dough-faced he gets, the better he gets.

But it isn’t Rhysy at all! Turns out it’s NSW Treasurer Mike Baird, but similar, non?

And a friend of mine works for MB, so I had to read that one.

Then, who can resist a mag whose editor’s wearing a fabuloso digi-print in her pic?


And look — I love buildings and bubbly too!

And cushion cut diamonds! And pink diamonds! And big diamonds and small diamonds!

And the mag has a special on Annandale, the suburb next door to Palazzo Trivialista, and home of the Junior Cost Centres’ educational mothership!

And the 2038 piece includes a photo of this lady and her sweet loin fruits…

…the self-same lady La stopped in the street last week for the express purpose of telling her how fabulous she looks with grey locks au naturel! Suspect she now thinks I’m some kind of Single White Female stalker, but I hold firmly to the maxim that when someone looks fabulous, it’s your complete and inalienable obligation to tell them so.

Srsly, though, imagine being liberated from the horrid burden that is hair colour maintenance?  Am sure if more of us gave ourselves permission to be grey we’d soon have the Middle East’s peace challenges sorted (thus helping out our fellow readers in both Israel and Palestinian Territories, Occupied.  Hello, friends!)

Then look — there’s also Mike, from Kitchen by Mike.  I love Kitchen by Mike!


Here’s a photo La took of Mike’s fabulous Kitchen a few weeks ago!

And there’s a great review of Mr Wong…oh, the coincidence!  La was supposed to go there a couple of weeks ago with Yankee Doodle and Ms Petey, but had to cancel because Seriousimo was drowning under legal briefs and couldn’t get home to care for los loin fruits.


And then there was a bit by my arch nemesis, Mr Justin North. Amazing how he rips off punters (e.g. selling a $250 Becasse voucher to Yankee Doodle, who gifted it to La, just before going bust, grrr) and suppliers, yet manages to rise Phoenix-like from the ashes to score a gig writing recipes in a glossy.

Justin, just wondering whether you’ll be donating your (the)Sydney Magazine fee back to Ferrier Hodgson so they can reimburse your creditors, including my friend Miss Doodle? We’ll await the call.

Then there’s gorgeous Bide’s Palm Beach palazzo. La loves Sass & Bide! Why, just this past weekend I was cottaging and frottaging up to their wares. Such a coincidence she’s in the mag too!


And, finally, there’s a feature on A Day in the Life of the head of acting at NIDA. Interesting and super coincidental as just last week La and La Nanny Trivialista, who’s also an actor, were chatting about NIDA, and LNT informed me that the current buzz among los luvvies is that that formerly august institution is now almost completely sponsored by Channel 7, ensuring the network gets first dibs on the prettiest and perkiest for Summer Bay duties.

This experience is called Magazindipity — that happy zone where editorial selection intersects blissfully with highly subjective personal interest.

Now, la kingdom for a 3/4 skim flat white and a comfy sofa…


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  1. Hey, maybe we can combine your $250 voucher and my $200 one and have a fancy afternoon tea from Justin’s Westfield pastry establishment – or is that bust too?!

    • Not sure what’s going on there… saw that was still functioning last weekend. Quel mystere. Need to see whether they’re still doing the Zokoko muffin then we need to buy 80 of them with our wouchers.


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