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Til death do us…

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Tomorrow is the Trivialista-Seriousimo marital anniversary (nine years — egads!) so on Saturday we dolled up and headed off to Tetsuya, as is our yearly custom, to reflect on the year that was.

As is also our custom, we srsly indulged in amazing wine, and possibly broke a PB with a half-bottle of burgundy that set the cash registers singing at $300.  Yoikes.

Seriousimo’s directive post-consumption was interesting, though:  “We need to Google that wine and order a dozen.”

Srsly? Is old Mr Fiscally Conservative planning to do a debt-for-equity swap à la Nine Entertainment? La knows this is his particular area of legalese expertise, but a bulk order of that dropalista would require some serious financial engineering utilising the expertise of some former Babcock & Brownies. Maybe he knows something about los financiales La doesn’t — but as he doesn’t even know his internet banking details, suspect that’s unlikely.

We enjoyed a post-prandial passeggiata around Westfield Sydney. As a favour to you, dear readers, I had my best fash-scouty peepers on, and have pulled together a selection of goodies. (Best to remember that those peepers were somewhat affected by $300 burgundy, so take it all with a grain of gourmet pink Himalayan Mountain Salt.)

First up, Sass.

Full House top.The Dedication top. Love it, but find self wishing those clever Sassies would dispense with the slighty wanky names.

What I Wrote jacket. Can’t beat a bit of military chic. Helps show loin fruits and Seriousimos who’s boss.

Love this Ginger dress. Redheads are very clever.

Fancy this one, too.  Digi print, of course.

Love this Megan Park dress.  Will be sale-stalking it. Want to know what that looks like?

Just superimpose La noggin on that of the guy with the gun. And imagine that MP dress is just over that heather-clad mount. I will set los hounds on it (well, at the very least, La Poocha Trivialista, Diggers).

We even cottaged and frottaged up to some Miu Miu. Happily, that humble outlet was Seriousimo’s pick of the bunch. “Thing is,” he said, in an uncharacteristically self-reflective mood, “you can know next-to-bugger-all about clothes, but still recognise real quality when you see it.” God bless that man; knew there was a reason I married him.

Wore los Bionda Castana Christas in navy (eek, did I mention I now also have them in nude?  Secured directly from Natalia for a vastly discounted price, I swear!) for the luncheon. Boy, those shoes command respect.

Young Bambi after young Bambi in shop after shop sighed longingly and inquired after their origin. Puffed up, I felt proud that I could still show the young fillies a thing or two.

Seriousimo sensitively pointed out they were just flattering me so I would buy stuff.

Hmm.  Think we’ll make it to 10 years?


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  1. Happy anniversary! I think for your 10th you should renew your vows and recreate your wedding day and the day after and invite at least some of the guests. I’ll look forward to the invitation in the mail.


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