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On the way to the Wordporium this morning, La took a call from the female Junior Cost Centre (JCC).

“Who are you voting for today?”

Los cogolinos of the creaky old brain whirred away. La first instinct was to remind her that, as we are not Yankee Doodles, we are ineligible to vote in the Obama/Romney face-off.

Sizing up my silence as the general maternal cluelessness she’s becoming increasingly frustrated by, she continued, “Which horse? Which horse are you voting for?!”

Today, mes amis in Palestinian Territories, Occupied, Belgium, Singapore and Turkey (though La suspects the Ottoman reader was La Mamma Trivialista during her recent holiday) and ports closer to home, is Melbourne Cup day in the Wide Brown Land.

For many it’s a srs horse race, a chance to make good on form well-followed, a day to be wined and dined and do crazy things with fake flowers, headbands and a glue gun.

Today is also $100m Lotto day.

For La, winning against the odds is a simple matter of supply and demand.

Currently, supply of these things is low.

Mulberry frocks. In fact, Mulberry goods in general. There’s always room in La Closetta Trivialista for more Mulbers.

Miu Miu shoes. Again, demand is high and supply frustratingly low.


Real diamonds. These fake Country Road brooches will have to do for now, or at least til la luck comes in this afternoon.

Flash handbags. This is Whistles, but now that I’m over 40 35, it’s high time for a bit of Dior ladybag action.

And there’s always room beneath the dusty rafters of Palazzo Trivialista for more Alexis, and sparkly accoutrements in general.

So that about covers current demand.  Oh, other than this.

Courtesy Havens in Paris — gods bless those people

My appartement in Paris.

And here’s how the demand will be met.

Yes, TWO Lights of Heaven… that nag had better get up

May the gods of fortune smile on you and me this lucky, lucky first Tuesday in November.


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