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Things were bats**t crazy at the Wordporium last week; lost the will to blog. Particularly after La also lost The Race That Stops A Nation and the $100m Lotto.

Really missed Yankee Doodle, winner of La’s Colleague of the Year crown for eight years running; she was on holiday last week but back tomorrow so finally there’ll once again be someone to moan to who’s both sympa and less than two metres away during business hours.

En route to the Wordy this Day of Mon, various Big Questions elbowed each other among los cogalinos of la creaky old brain. Here they are. Health warning: some are not trivial.

1. Does fatherhood give some blokes pause about past behaviour? Heard a song on the radio, the self-same song a particularly cruel former flame put on a cracker of a mixed tape for La sometime around 1995. It was by Los Wannadies. La srsly nearly wore out the magnetisation on that tape, such was la love for it, and for him. Let’s just say that, for a nasty couple of years there, he was the cat and La was the ball of string.

Despite the fact this particular bloke is on los TV screens on a regular basis (but not Palazzo Trivialista’s; we’re mostly an ABC news famiglia, with the occasional viewing of TEN News at Five if we’re home), La rarely if ever thinks of him. But music is a powerful trigger — godammit — and I found myself thinking back to how mean he was, and wondering whether, now that he has a female loin fruit, he ever thinks about how blokes will handle her heart.

This gives away satisfactorily little about his identity; suffice to say he is an occasional tie-wearer

2. Have you ever eaten here? If you have, you’ll know it’s crazy good. If you haven’t cottaged and frottaged up to its mid-20th century Scandi-inspired gorgeousness and top grub, you should.

3. Contemplating a party in the Harbour City for your loin fruits?  Call Mr Soccer. He traipsed his fabbo inflatable boundary and his amazingly upbeat, energetic coaches to La neck of los woods yesterday and did the male JCC’s 5th birthday party (which I can’t talk about yet in any more detail than that, otherwise los ovaries will hurt).

Party was an unadulterated H-I-T. Sarah Terrific-Home even mooted the possibility of us pooling spondoolies and getting Mr Soccer to come every Sunday morning. May instigate a capital-raising.

Remember how funny we thought it was that there were three of them but they called themselves “twins“? Oh, how La misses that crazy knee-slapping 80s humour!

4. Do you miss vinyl? I don’t, as I was an early adopter, hugely ahead of la time, and made the leap from transistor radio straight to cassettes. But this gem was gifted by my amigo Lali to my male JCC, so he could form some understanding of what a “record” was. La’ve brought it into the Wordy as I’ve been called upon to make a the-world-is-changing-fast style video production, and this will feature prominently in a highly original, un-cliched and truly unpredictable montage spanning a gramophone to — you guessed it — an iPod.  Shove over, Spielberg, there’s a new wunderkind on the block.

5. Are you happy we have four more years of elegance and eloquence in the White House? I am, as is the entire Famiglia Trivialista-Seriousimo, as we Know People Who Know People. Word on the Hill is that our good friend, The Colonel, will rejoin the administration, which can only mean one thing for our famiglia caravana: another trip to DC and another whirl or two around that amazing building. Bring it on.

6. Have you been wondering what it’s like to stay in my fantasy Paris appartement? You know — the one I was to buy with last Tuesday’s winnings? Well, in an amazing co-inky-dink, La Triv reader Ms Vampire Slayer, herself an exercise in chic Parisienne glamour, has reported that she recently did just that! Here’s her guest post report: “It was impressive. Large – two rooms were left unused [Ed: And she has several loin fruits]. Bigger than our house. Twas a melancholic farewell.” Good on you VS!

Enjoy the day. Be the cat, not the ball of string.


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  1. Next time you go to DC I will crash the party too. ta.

  2. OH! Happy birthday JCC… I’m ashamed to say it totally escaped my attention due to the fact we were flying back here that day.

  3. Lil' laaaaady

    He was and probably still is a cad – and does not earn the right to invade your beautiful headspace – put him back next to Mr Curly hairstyle et al….

  4. Oh La. Thank you. You wear that crown for me.. Thank goodness we’ve got each other. xx


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