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There’s been a ferocious amount of gobbling going on in La life.  None of it helping la quest for svelteness. Tragically, floaty frocks providing nightie-style comfort are being relied upon more heavily than ever. Gods bless the forgiving proportions of the Tallulah & Hope kaftan in the summer months.

Yesterday’s gullet-fest began at Cornersmith in Marrickville.  And take it from La, it’s just the kind of locavore, homespun, exposed brick, wholesome-balsam temple to bartering, pickling and earnest-eyed good service you’ve been led to believe it is.

Loads of young, cute baristas and waiters trying to hide their good looks under bushy beards — you know the sort. Suffice to say, it’s enough to make a cougar blush (thank gods Signor Seriousimo still doesn’t believe in blogs and will never read this).

This was my amazing concoction of poachies with — wait for it — pearl barley, almonds, roasted cauli, parsley and mint.  (Almost completely inhaled by the time La remembered to take a piccie.)  You can’t get much more crunchy-granola than that for breakfast — short of actual, real-life crunchy granola.

This is the well-upholstered paw of the Male Junior Cost Centre holding his crazy good ham-and-cheese toastie (Feather & Bone ham!  Gods bless them!) in a vice-like grip.

Voila a quill of rocket, which the blackboard informed me had been grown by Marrickville resident, Steve.  (That morning’s sage came from Sasha.)  Under Cornersmith’s commercial terms, Steve most likely received a few jars of piccalilli or a clutch of coffees in exchange for his produce.  Well done Steve; although La doesn’t usually approve of any form of salad scenario with breakfast, this was deliciously peppery.

The Cornersmiths are following in the footsteps of Peter Gilmore and fighting the good fight to bring the edible flower back to los plates.  Clap, clap… so fabulously 80s.

You know how these days we’re not to touch our Mobile Media Control Consoles whilesoever we’re behind the wheel?  Well, what do you think los coppers would have made of La snapping this for posterity as we beat our retreat?  Ha ha! So naughty!!!

Evidently, someone’s future’s so bright they gotta wear shades…at night…inside a restaurant.

La gobbling continued in earnest as a few old knockabouts gathered together to say welcome home to Sarah Terrific-Home and her hubby, Nico — both recently returned from the Land O’Michiganders.

It was a cast of all-stars:  Vampire Slayer, AliD, Kristening and CJ Cregg, as well as ST-H, and their hubbies, who like to refer to themselves as los Cougar Tamers.

Seriousimo — ironically, the only cougar tamer among them — was sadly buried beneath sustainable forests of legal briefs, and unable to join the hilarity.

Such is the awesomeness of our little part of the world that there was another whole table of lady fabulousness we knew at the restaurant.  Bonsoir girls!

There was much slanderous and inappropriate talk about corporate diversity programs and modern conventions of political correctness.  Oh, and at various stages the assembled (straight) blokes did that thing men like to do on occasion, and shared their stories of allegedly being hit on by gay men back in their salad days.

Lathinks maybe they need a reality check; perhaps a slap across the cheek with a sheaf of Steve’s ethical Marrickville rocket would do the trick.

Ciao x

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  1. What a perfect Thanksgiving week – and a Happy Thanksgiving to you La xx


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