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Many peoples ask La Triv why she does so much shopping online. Here’s one of main reasons.


Yup, shop-soiled goodies. A very common sight at David Jones. Srsly, these raggedy threadlets are a crime against a perfectly good Ginger & Smart silk top that can do nothing to defend itself.

I may or may not be sniffing glue here, but it just seems to me that goods coming  directly from los interwebs in their clean boxes and bubble-wraps are fresher, less likely to have been stroked and fondled, less likely to have been fannied-about with by the greedy claws of los great unwashed.

Speaking of goods from los interwebs, have you ordered your holly-festooned pudding clutch and matching ballet flats from NAP yet?



Hmm, me neither.

Palazzo Trivialista is on the verge of being crushed by an enormous yuletide meat order from our good friends Grant and Laura at Feather and Bone. It’s due to arrive next week — a ham, a few rolled porks, some lamb shoulders etc etc. Should about cover it for a famiglia of four — including two members with very small mouths.

Helping us gobble will be Signor Seriousimo’s il Pappa and la Mamma. They’re fleeing Londra’s sub-zero temps to join us for Christmas. It’s been six years since they were in the Harbour City together and we can’t wait to host them. They live in a Londra landmark of great historical and touristical significance, so they should feel right at home beneath the dusty, pigeon-poo splattered rafters of our palazzo.

Must warn them to wear their meat boots, and pack clothes with elasticated waistbands.

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