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X marks the Spotlight

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The male Junior Cost Centre connected with his inner Coco Chanel the other day and brooched it to hell and back.


Anyone else ever seen and fallen in love with the amazing paper sculptures of Anna-Wili Highfield? And do you think the second part of her first name is pronounced “Willy” or “Why-lie”? Seriousimo tells me the latter, and as it has something to do with ancient Greek dudes, he’d know.

Unfortunately what he doesn’t tell me is that he’s off to her studio for a Triv Stocking Stuffer, or that he’s initated a capital raising to buy me something from the shop in whose windows these amazing ravens are currently on display, Hermès.



Now this is la pick of the current crop of gingerhouses. How divine is it? What an exercise in restraint. Obviously not targeting the lolly-lovers and sweetie-suckers, but right up La alley.



La’s aiming to be a creative, fun-type mother figure these coming school holidays, so we got the whole shebang off to a flying start today with a famiglia trip to Spotlight. For los readers in Romania, Brazil, Israel and points further afield, Spotty is a haven of fabrics and crafty odds and sods, the kinds of teeny beadlets and lengths of sparkletwine that get lost in the bowels of luxuriant shag-pile rugs.

This was what the male JCC chose. He’s obviously channeling Il Pappa Trivialista circa 1973, when paternal hairs were in more fulsome supply. (Does anyone else have a father aged over 60 who’s lost all his leg hairs? Freaky.)


Now, that’s its own special shag-pile rug. Thanks Spotty — who knew you were also a destination for Movember wannabes?

And, in happy news, the Female JCC has ended her two-year moratorium on frocks.


And here we circle right on back to Coco C. If any of you are looking for that last minuto gift for the woman — or man — who has it all, look no further than this lush kit of four tennis balls for the bargain price of $500. Strictly not for pooches.


We’re off to do mop-up shopping and sit on the big fella’s knee tomorrow. Is it nasty to make one’s children withdraw funds from los Commonwealth Bank Dollarmite accounts for the purpose of purchasing La Triv a present? Think they’ve squirrelled away enough nuts to buy me an original AW Highfield?

I bet Anna-Wili’s mum took her to Spotlight.


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  1. Holy tennis balls. I think PosyDog needs those in her stocking for Christmas…

    Not nasty to make children withdraw funds for presents from their Dollarmite accounts – teaching them a life lesson 😉


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