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Don’t know how domestic life ticks along beneath your dusty rafters, but here’s an insight into how it goes beneath ours:

Apparently La has a reputation for whipping los vessels into la dishwasher before certain people get to use them a second time. And this, I am told via a hot pink Post-It, is causing some consternation.

Penthouse problems, eh?

Meanwhile, La’ve been thinking about instituting an eat-less-move-more program for los Junior Cost Centres.


They have srsly chubbed up these school hols and DOCS will be onto me before I know it if I’m not careful.

Signor Seriousimo is recovering well from his stingray sting. Some consultation with the deity Google has revealed that he was likely to have been victimised not by a fully-fledged stingray, but rather by a little tiddler called a stingaree. So there is some distance between the great marine creature who put paid to Steve Irwin’s days on earth and the cocktail-coaster sized fellow whom Seriousimo’s clodhoppers disturbed.

But let’s not tell him that, or – crikey! – we might have trouble on our hands.

Ciao x

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  1. Sheesh – the post it reminder must be a male legal eagle thing – I find multiple post-it’s around the traps reminding me to do/not to do things… day am going to pen my memoirs of these days and call it “Put it on a Post-It: Living with Lunacy”…..

    Is it hot enough for you??

    • You still have your knack for names… remember your best-ever band name, The Grassy Knolls? x

      • Lil' laaaaady

        I do not remember that one!! If an all girl band that could be considered a rude double entendre referring to unmanicured lady gardens!! I see D is getting a Rolex for his biffy – lucky sausage!!

      • Your other possible girl band name was The Girl Who Kissed Peter M******** — remember that one? Crown Price of Sweden?!?!

  2. If those kids were in Fairfield County they’d be up for slimmer of the year.


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