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Summer in the city

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Ah, summer.

Amazing sunsets.

Balmy Palmie (Palm Beach for los readers in Bulgaria, Romania and points further afield).

And we all know no visit to la plage is complete without a bit of retail therapy.

Female Junior Cost Centre tried some beachside interiors on for size.

This morning’s visit to a secret harbourside beach locale yielded some curious seaweed. And, trust me, even though it’s a doggy beach, it is seaweed.

Seriousimo and La eyed up some luxe seaside property…

…before we ended up here.

Where we still are.

Wait for it: Seriousimo has been bitten by a sting ray. La tell you, that man does nothing by halves.

So I guess lunch by the beach is off the agenda, for today.

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  1. Holy Moly. Nothing done by halves indeed. Do you think the sting-ray smelt the British blood and mistook him for a tourist in need of an “Oz Adventure” tale?

  2. Poor Mr! Sure it was a stingray or was it a blue bottle?? Hope he didn’t think he was Steve!!!

  3. crikey.

  4. Oh dear! Hope Seriousimo recovers quickly!


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