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Tho’ Triv’s a Queenslander, this post is not about flood clean-ups.

It’s about something much more fun — making the most of the fag-end of sale time on the interwebs.

Now, La’ll only proceed with this post if los beloved readers in far-flung spots across the globe swear, I mean solemnly swear, not to breathe a word of it to Seriousimo. I’m sad to say word has occasionally been leaking back to him, osmosis-style, about los occasional purchases and the fact that I’ve pressed the Marital Bed of Deceit back into service. Srsly, you’ll get me into trouble. Loose lips sink wardrobes. If the blabbing continues, I may even be forced to start clothing laself from — heaven forbid — Target.  Frankly, La’d prefer a long custodial sentence at Silverwater.

Yesterday, I undertook a fairly routine scan of the webs.  Cottaged and frottaged up to NAP, visited Tibi (curse them and their obstinate refusal to ship to la Wide Brown Land), pressed la nez up against the virtual glass of Rag & Bone (=immediate injection of cool) (oh, and by the way, how good is Mossy looking virtually make up-free and almost 40 on their splash page? Gods bless that woman), and rounded it all out with — take a deep breath — a step across the digital threshold of Country Road, peeping at this in particular:

CR top

…which was thinking should be paired with this:

ah collar 2

Anyhow, then La pranced, Pretty Woman-style, into my old friend MyWardrobe.

And cleaned up.

La love of Bionda Castana shoes is well documented here beneath the virtual dusty rafters of Those clodhoppers are guaranteed to stand you tall and proud. Bunions be damned — have said it before and will say it again:  suck it up, princesses. In that spirit, meet my new BFF, Loren. She’s even easier to love when she’s reduced from $600 to $115.

BC red

And I also mopped up some Tibi — Jude and Paloma, specifically — for the princessly sum of $76 each. Yup — you read that right, sub-$100 (a ‘lettuce’ as it’s sometimes known around these parts). Both priced at only 20% of their former full-freight glory.

tibi shirt

paloma pant

The dacks are unconventional, I’ll admit, but la plan is to style ’em up with a longline cardi and high booties. As you know, funking up the Triv Spectacular is a rolling mission, a destinationless journey.

You know what..? Go on — blab to that Seriousimo. These kinds of savings should be shouted from los rooftops. You tell that man what a stylish — and frugal — Scot of a wife he’s damned lucky to have snared.

You never know, it just might stand me in better stead for the summer sales.


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  1. You go girl!! Love your work. And I promise, I would never blab about such delicate matters to Seriousmo, this work of yours is too important to jeopardise. xx

    • Thanks KMax. I’m so happy you recognise this, because sometimes I really do feel like I’m doing super important work, you know, up there with trauma surgeons. xx

  2. Those BC shoes are ahhhhhh-mazing. Did I miss out on all this today?!
    And I too love your work. Have been faithfully reading, and loving everything xx


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